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Product Identification

Below are methods of identifying Bearings, Circlips, and Rod Ends.  If you need help to identify other bearing related products please browse our range of manufacturer catalogues or contact us for assistance

Identifying Bearings

All sizes on this site are listed as ID X OD X W as outlined below

Bearings can usually be identified easily using one of the below methods.

If you are unable to identify your bearing we are able to assist, please call in to see us or send the bearing to us with as much information about the application as possible. Refer to the contact us page for contact details.

Equipment manuals may clearly identify the bearings required with a part number. This part number can then be searched for in our online catalogue.

Most bearings have clearly marked designations on the side face of the inner or outer ring. For sealed bearings this designation is often on the seal. This number can then be searched for in our on line catalogue.

Where no part number is available Identification can also be made using the following steps.


Measure the dimensions of the bearing in the following order.

Bearing Dimensions
ID Inside diameter or bore
OD Outside diameter
W Width
These measurements can then be entered in the search box (e.g. 30X62X16)  
You may be presented with several types and variations of bearings with the same size.  

You will then need to complete the following two steps:
  • Establish the type of bearing
  • Establish what further specification you require e.g. seals, shields, taper bore etc
The bearing type diagrams and prefix/suffix information below may help you determine which is correct.  For further information on bearing specifications please see our range of product and manufacturer catalogues


Bearing Type

Ball bearings

Cylindrical roller bearings


Needle roller bearings

Tapered roller bearings


Spherical roller bearings


Bearing Version: In the catalogue for ball bearings you can then select the following versions
SS Stainless steel
SSR Stainless steel fishing reel series
SSFR Stainless steel fishing reel series flanged
2RS or 2RSR 2 Contact rubber seals
VV 2 Non Contact rubber seals
ZZ or 2ZR 2 Non contact Steel shields, low friction seals
C3 Larger than normal internal Clearance

Identifying Circlips

Measure from outside to inside.
Circlip measurement is the nominal bore of the housing for Internal Circlips e.g. J size in MM,
and the nominal shaft diameter for External Circlips e.g. A size in MM.

External (A) Internal (J)
Circlip Measurement

Identifying Rod Ends

  Rod ends are identified by size and type. Measure the inside diameter (ID) of the ball and the thread size (Generally the thread diameter is the same as the ball ID). Determine whether the rod end is a male or female type (as shown below).

Male (POS)
Female (PHS)

Please note that all images are indicative only


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